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New Parkerizing Kits, Tanks And Single Component Bottles
Featuring Firearms Kits & Single Bottles For Guns, Knives and  Military items + Automotive-Motorcycle Kits for Tools, Automotive, Trucks, Harley-Indian and many other British, European and Vintage Motorcycles

New Small Parkerizing Tank along with the  Medium Tank now in stock

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Lg Combo Firearms Kit 8oz Black, 8oz Grey,  8oz Cleaner,  Oil + Instructions

Jumbo Black 16oz Firearms Kit

Black Manganese Parkerizing Concentrate 2/16oz Bottles +Inst


Large Auto-Moto Combo Kit



Jumbo Black Auto/Motorcycle16oz Kit $48.95

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Jumbo Grey 16oz Firearms Kit $48.95

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 All Kits and Single Bottles include easy Start to Finish how to  Instructions

Parkerizing Kits and Single Bottles for the Professional or Home Hobbiests. Perfect for finishing or refinishing any Military Firearm or Hunting Guns and Motorcycle Equiptment, virtually anything made of steel. We carry the Combination Kit which includes both the Black Manganese and the Grey Oxide, and the New Black single which is currently used on many modern Military Firearms including the AK47, AK74, AR10, AR18, AR15, M16, M14, M4, Armalite,  Beretta, CZ, Fal, Galil, G3, HK, Colt, 1911, Glocks, Uziís and others. Also the Original WW2 Type Grey Oxide that was used on the M1 Carbines, M1 Garand, 45's, Bayonets Etc. We now stock the New Harley Davidson -Indian Motorcycle Restore Kit in the Original OEM Black and Grey Formulas. Check out the New Mini Combo Kit, made in the New smaller size just for Handguns, Knives or Small Parts.

Every kit or Single Bottle Meets or Exceeds GI Military Specifications and are made with only the Purest Lab and Tech Grade Components. All Kits and Single Bottles are Pure and Undiluted Phosphate Concentrate. At a Mix of 3 ounces of Concentrate per gallon of water these products are very cost effective. These are without a doubt the best OEM Formula Kits available today. Professional Gunsmiths or the Home Hobbiest can get a Professional Gun Finish with these easy to use Parkerize Kits.

All kits include the Parkerizing Concentrate, Cleaner-Degreaser, Preservative Oil, Sprayer and Instructions  for Parkerizing Guns, Knives, Tools Parts etc.

Parkerizing is a very simple immersion process requiring the solution to be heated to approximately 190 + degrees and the dipping time can range from 5-45 Minutes or so, depending on the hardness of the metal and the desired thickness of the coating. It is a fast process from start to finish, for example a Colt 1911A1 or similar auto can be dipped, rinsed, coated with preservative oil and reassembled in an hour or so. In fact it is probably the fastest and easiest to apply of all gun finishes used today and any Parkerized Gun is protected from the elements much better than can be attained from blueing.

Parkerizing is much easier to use than bluing and because it is a Matte Finish the parts or items you want to Parkerize do not have to be polished, they can be acid dipped, sanded, bead blasted or sand blasted. In fact a lot of nicks and scratches that would show up on a blued item would not even be seen after Parkerizing.

Compare our parkerizing products to others on the market, we think you will find that ounce per ounce our products and supplies will make more solution and is the most cost effective Parkerizing Concentrate available today.


Small Tank Large Grey Firearms Combo Kit

$ 68.95

Small Tank Large Black Firearms Kit

$ 68.95

Large Black Firearms Parkerizing Kit


Black Firearms Formula 16 oz


Grey Oxide Firearms Formula 2/16 oz


Harley-Indian Black 2/16 oz Bottles


Large Grey Oxide Firearms Parkerizing Kit


Harley-Indian Grey 2/16 oz Bottles


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